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What is Management ? Definition, Characteristics,Skills and Need

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Management as how the mind controls the human body and its function similar management (mind) controls the various activities human body) in the Organisation

Collection of physical equipments. 4 Nil’s in Organisation — Men, Machine,Materials, Money, and leads to nothing. For efficient and profitable functioning it is necessary that all these factors are put to work in a co­ordinated manner.

Management Definition

Management is the art of getting things done through others.

Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups efficiently to accomplish selected aims

Harold Koontz
  • Managers carry out their managerial function
  • Applies to any kind of Organisation
  • Applies to managers at all Organisational levels
  • Aim is to create a surplus
  • Concerned with productivity, implies effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Mgt of 4 M’s in the Orgn — Men, Machine, Materials & money.

Characteristics of Management

  • Management is Universal
  • Management is dynamic
  • Management is a group of managers
  • Management is Purposeful
  • Management is goal oriented
  • Management is integrative Function
  • Management is a Social process
  • Management is a Multi-faceted discipline
  • Management is a continuous process
  • Management is a system of authority
  • Management is a resource
  • Management is intangible

Managerial Skills

  • Conceptual skills
  • Human Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Design Skills — Decision making

Need for Management

  1. To increase efficiency
  2. To crystallize the nature of Mgt job
  3. To improve research in Mgt
  4. To attain social goals

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