Nithin Kamath: Indian Stock Trading with Zerodha

by Anup Maurya

Nithin Kamath, an Indian entrepreneur, columnist for The Financial Express, and stockbroker, holds the position of Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Zerodha, the largest stock brokerage firm in India. With its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, Zerodha’s success is attributed to Nithin’s pioneering work in discount broking.

Nithin Kamath has made a significant impact on the Indian business landscape and garnered recognition for his accomplishments. His notable contributions to discount broking led The Economic Times to include him in their list of Top 10 Businessmen to Watch Out for in India in 2016. Furthermore, he was honored with the Forbes India Leadership Award in 2019, receiving the title of Conscious Capitalist of the Year. As a result of his entrepreneurial ventures, Nithin’s net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 billion.

Zerodha’s achievements have not gone unnoticed either. The company secured the top position in the IIFL Wealth Hurun India 40 and Under Self-Made Rich List of 2020, reaffirming Nithin Kamath’s entrepreneurial prowess and establishing Zerodha as a prominent player in the Indian brokerage industry.

Nithin Kamath- Biography

NameNithin Kamath
Born5 October, 1979
Age43 (2023)
BirthplaceShivamogga, Karnataka, India
Zodiac SignLibra
Educational QualificationBachelor’s in Engineering
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Stockbroker, Columnist
PositionFounder & CEO, Zerodha
Net worth270 crores USD (2023)
FatherU.R Kamath
BrotherNikhil Kamath
SpouseSeema Patil

Nithin Kamath – Personal Life

Nithin Kamath was born into a Konkani family in Shivamogga, Karnataka, India. His father, U.R. Kamath, held an executive position at Canara Bank, while his mother, Revathi, taught him to play the veena, a musical instrument. Nithin has a younger brother named Nikhil Kamath, who co-founded Zerodha with him. In 2008, Nithin married Seema Patil, and the couple has a son named Kiaan. Aside from his professional pursuits, Nithin enjoys playing basketball.

Nithin Kamath – Education

Nithin Kamath’s educational journey began during his childhood when he accompanied his father, who worked for Canara Bank, on travels across India. Eventually settling in Bangalore in 1996, Nithin completed his secondary education and pursued college studies there. He graduated from Bangalore Institute of Technology with a specialization in Electronics and Telecommunications. His academic background in this field likely contributed to his technical expertise and understanding of the evolving financial technology landscape.

Nithin Kamath – Professional Life

Nithin Kamath displayed a passion for trading and entrepreneurship from an early age. Here is a revised overview of his professional journey:

  • Early Trading Experience: At the age of 17, Nithin began managing his father’s trading account, gaining practical experience in the financial markets while still pursuing his studies.
  • Self-Employment as a Proprietary Trader: While in college, Nithin became a self-employed proprietary trader from January 1997 to January 2004. This period allowed him to refine his trading skills and deepen his understanding of market dynamics.
  • Work in a Call Center: Due to limited trading capital, Nithin worked at a call center for three years. During this time (January 2001 to June 2004), he traded during the day and held a position as a Senior Telesales Executive in a call center-focused company.
  • Sub-Broker and Portfolio Advisory Services: Nithin embarked on his professional career as a sub-broker, partnering with Kamath Associates, a franchisee of Reliance Money. From January 2004 to January 2010, he provided portfolio advisory services and engaged in proprietary trading.
  • Co-founding Zerodha: In late 2010, Nithin Kamath, along with his younger brother Nikhil, co-founded Zerodha, their own stock brokerage firm. This marked the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, aimed at revolutionizing the brokerage industry in India through the introduction of discount broking and innovative trading technologies.

Nithin Kamath’s experiences as a trader, his time in a call center, and his tenure as a sub-broker provided him with valuable insights and paved the way for the establishment of Zerodha, which has since become the largest retail stock brokerage firm in India.

Nithin Kamath’s success story is closely intertwined with the founding and remarkable growth of Zerodha, which has disrupted the brokerage industry in significant ways. Nithin’s inspiration stemmed from NSE’s free trading platform called ‘NOW,’ which revealed the need for change in the industry.

With a decade of experience in trading the stock markets, Nithin keenly observed the challenges and limitations faced by traders, prompting him to establish Zerodha. His goal was to alleviate the complexities associated with stock market trading and build a brokerage firm that addressed the barriers traders encountered. The name Zerodha itself combines “Zero” and “Rodha,” the Sanskrit word for barrier.

In 2010, Nithin, along with his brother and a team of five individuals, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. Zerodha initially focused on serving day traders and experienced remarkable growth over time. The company’s disruptive pricing models and proprietary technology played a pivotal role in propelling Zerodha to its position as the largest stockbroker in India in terms of active retail clients.

Through their innovative approach, Zerodha has reshaped the brokerage landscape, making trading more accessible, affordable, and efficient for retail investors. Nithin Kamath’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to driving positive change have been instrumental in Zerodha’s success.

Founded in August 2010, Zerodha has established a physical presence in major cities across India and is widely regarded as the country’s largest brokerage firm. The company achieved unicorn status in June 2020 with a self-assessed valuation of $1 billion. Today, Zerodha boasts over 2.2 million active users, facilitating three million trades on a daily basis through its online stock brokerage platform.

Contributions to the Fintech Ecosystem

Nithin Kamath’s impact extends beyond Zerodha. Through the Rainmatter initiative, he has fostered innovation in the fintech ecosystem by supporting and mentoring startups. Rainmatter provides funding, mentorship, and access to Zerodha’s technological infrastructure, helping startups develop solutions that enhance the financial services landscape.

Kamath’s vision for a collaborative fintech environment has led to the creation of a vibrant ecosystem where innovative ideas can thrive, benefiting the industry and consumers alike.


Nithin Kamath’s journey from a novice trader to the founder and CEO of Zerodha is a remarkable story of innovation, resilience, and vision. Through Zerodha, he has revolutionized stock trading in India, making it accessible, affordable, and transparent for millions of investors. Kamath’s commitment to financial education, technological advancement, and customer-centricity continues to drive Zerodha’s success and shape the future of the Indian financial landscape.

Nithin Kamath’s legacy is not just in building a successful brokerage firm, but in empowering individuals to take control of their financial destiny. His story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the power of vision and perseverance in creating lasting impact.

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