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Management as an Art, Science, and Profession

by Team Businesspedia

Management as an Art

The main elements of art are —

  • Personal Skills
  • Practical know-how
  • Application of knowledge
  • Result orientation
  • Creativity
  • Constant practice aimed at perfection

Management is basically an art because of the following reasons —

  • A manager applies his knowledge and skills to coordinate the efforts of his people
  • Mgt seeks to achieve concrete practical results
  • Mgt is creative. It brings out new situation and converts into output
  • Effective Management lead to realization of Organizational and other goals.
  • Mastery in Management requires a sufficiently long period of experience in, managing.

Management as Science

The essential elements of Science

  • Systematised body of Knowledge
  • Underlying principles and theories developed through continuous observation, inquiry,  experimentation and research.
  • Universal truth and applicability.
  • Organised body of knowledge can be taught and learnt in class room and outside.
  • Mgt is a social science. It contains all the essentials of science. It is an inexact science.
  • PERT, CPM, Cost MC, Finance, MB O etc

Thus, the theory (Science) and practice (art) of Mgt go side by side for the efficient functioning of an organization.

Management as a Profession

The essential attribute of a profession

  • A well-defined and organised body of knowledge
  • Learning and Experience
  • Entry restricted by qualification
  • Recognised national body
  • Ethical code of conduct
  • Dominance of service motive

Management is not a full-fledged profession now due to the following shortcomings.

  • Skills not fully developed
  • No uniform method of entry and Objective is monetary rather than service.
  • Ethical code is not strict
  • Associations are not statutory bodies

But in India, it is developing into a profession and it will be achieved in due course.

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