Difference between Management and Administration

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Administration vs Management

In this article, we’ll learn about Difference between Management and Administration.

Management is an act of managing people. Their work is to achieve a common goal by using the resources. For better workflow needs a suitable environment.  It creates that’s an opportunity. As a result, subordinates and their manager do the work together to reach the objective. Management is a group of people. They use their talent and skills to complete organizational tasks. So, we can say that it consists of the following features. Such as:-

  1. Functional initiative
  2. Activity
  3. Documental discipline,
  4. Systematic process,
  5. And much more.

5M’s Model of management

5M’s Model of management
5M’s Model of management

Management performs organizing, planning, coordination, motivating, controlling, decision making, and leading. It contains the 5M features of the organization. It is also called the 5M’s Model of management. There are mentioned the 5M’s full form. Such as:-

1st M = Men (Peoples)

2nd M = Machines (Tools or equipments)

3th M = Medium or Measurementals (Inspection & environment)

4th M = Mission (Purpose)

5th M = Management (Leadership)

According to Theo Haimann, Administration means overall determination of policies, setting of major objectives, the identification of general purposes and laying down of broad programmers and projects. It refers to the activities of higher level. It lays down basic principles of the enterprise. According to Newman, “Administration means guidance, leadership & control of the efforts of the groups towards some common goals.”

Administration vs Management

Basis of DistinctionAdministrationManagement
Policy and objectivesDetermination of objectives & policiesImplementation of Policies
Main FunctionsLegislative & determination functionExecutive Function
Planning, Organising staffingDirecting, Motivating, Coordinating Controlling Provides a sketch    of the enterpriseProvides the entire body
InfluenceInfluenced mainly by public opinion & other outside forceInfluenced mainly by administrative function
Levels of ManagementThe mainly top-level function involves thinking & planningThe mainly middle-level function involves doing and acting
Level of ExecutivesOwners/ Board of DirectorsMD, GM & Managers
PositionActs as a principalActs as an agency
KnowledgeRequires more admin ability than technical abilityRequires more technical ability than admin ability

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