Nish Hair | Sharks Impressed With Self-Marketing Tactics Of The CEO

by Anup Maurya
Nish Hair | Sharks Impressed With Self-Marketing Tactics Of The CEO

Forget the notion of “one size fits all” because it doesn’t, especially in business. Remember “Shark Tank India” Season 2? We saw phenomenal entrepreneurs rock it with just 2-3 skills they mastered.

Sure, business involves diverse skills, but you don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades when starting up. Instead, focus on mastering a few natural strengths and “good enough” performance in weaker areas.

Take Parul Gulati of Nish Hair, a shining example. Her self-marketing mastery impressed everyone on “Shark Tank India.” She demonstrates that focusing on a core strength can lead to fantastic results.

Nish Hair Extensions

While the Nish Hair range has grown and expanded into creating all things hair, the heart and soul of the brand remains in the range of premium quality human hair extensions. Each extension is made with 100% human hair, hand-selected, and stitched to perfection. They believe in practicing integrity, honesty, and quality in all that we do, making sure that each process from sourcing to production is done in a clean, safe, and ethical manner. Being passionate about hair and understanding the confidence it can instill, they have meticulously crafted each step to ensure the extensions you get are premium quality, soft, and extremely long-lasting.

Nish Hair CEO

From Actress to Hair Extension Powerhouse

Parul Gulati, CEO of Nish Hair and hailing from Rohtak, Haryana, began her career in the limelight as an actress. However, a personal experience in 2016 sparked a business idea when she was denied reimbursement for a wig needed for a shoot due to short hair. This frustration ignited a passion to fill the gap for high-quality hair extensions beyond the fashion industry.

Nish Hair Blooms

Born from this passion, Nish Hair launched in 2017. Initial performance was slow, but by 2019, things took off. Recognizing the unaddressed need for accessible and versatile extensions, Nish Hair focused on empowering women of all backgrounds with confidence and beauty.

Pioneering DIY Extensions

As pioneers in India, Nish Hair introduced DIY clip-in hair toppers and extensions, making them readily available to a wider audience. From a small team and limited clientele, they’ve blossomed into a global community, serving diverse women worldwide.

More Than Just Hair

Beyond aesthetics, Nish Hair understands the significant impact hair loss, thinning, or damage can have on self-esteem and well-being. They address these concerns head-on, whether it’s fulfilling the desire for longer locks, supporting hair growth struggles, or simply helping someone feel incredible for a special occasion. Their mission is clear: everyone deserves their dream hair.

It’s Not Just Hair, It’s Empowerment

Nish Hair goes beyond appearances. They recognize the connection between hair and self-esteem, relationships, career, and living an active life. Their commitment lies in empowering women to feel confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world, one gorgeous strand at a time.

Parul Gulati: Beyond Profits, A Multifaceted Leader

Parul Gulati, CEO of Nish Hair, isn’t just about profits (clocking ₹5 crores in 2021-2022). She embodies a unique blend of qualities that propelled her success:

Master of Balance: Juggling acting and entrepreneurship full-time, Parul’s witty response on “Shark Tank India” reflects her dedication to both her passions. This highlights her ability to thrive in multifaceted roles.

Execution Powerhouse: Despite a small team, she built a thriving business, demonstrating exceptional ability to translate ideas into action and achieve remarkable results.

Marketing Mavenship: Her self-promotion skills shine. Casually mentioning “” during her pitch and utilizing Instagram effectively (245K+ followers, 2 million subscribers) showcase her understanding of “jugadu” marketing. With minimal investment (₹1.3 lakhs), she drives impressive sales (₹75 lakhs monthly). Her educational Instagram videos add immense value, solidifying her social media prowess.

Vulnerability & Growth: Like everyone, Parul faces challenges. Acknowledging her struggle with hiring demonstrates self-awareness and a willingness to learn and grow. This transparency resonates with audiences.

Beyond the Hype: While profits are essential, the text can be slightly reframed to focus on Parul’s qualities, leadership, and impact, rather than solely highlighting the financial figure.

Nish Hair Review

It is ideal for the woman who has less hair and money too. It is India’s online hair extension brand. Nish Hair has the solution to all types of hair problems and needs be it for receding hairline, or you want a crown topper to compensate for your hair loss problems, or if you are gen z and want to experiment with wild and funky colors. They are a one-stop solution for all hair needs. 

The clips are easy to apply and can transform your hair in no time at all. They claim that all their hair extensions are made up of natural hair. 

Depending on their needs customer can choose from various categories that include:

  • Coverage
  • Length 
  • Volume
  • Style
  • Color 

You can check out their customer reviews here

Team of The Nish Hair

Nish Hair isn’t just a brand, it’s a movement rooted in female empowerment. With a 90% female-led team, they champion inclusivity, respect, and hard work. Courage, open-mindedness, and compassion fuel their belief in every woman’s limitless potential.

What started as a mother-daughter dream, hand-stitching each extension themselves, has blossomed into a vibrant, high-performing family. Their dynamic core team operates from a cozy Mumbai office-cum-manufacturing space, where creativity and hair reign supreme. It’s a hive of activity, driven by passion and a dash of flair.


Without a degree in any business course, the founder has managed to build a business that earns profit in crores. Such entrepreneurs are an inspiration for people who want to make it big with limited resources. 

You don’t need to go to big business schools to learn about entrepreneurship, your full life is there to teach you the lessons that you need to succeed in your life. The trick lies in being open to learning from those lessons rather than resisting them.

Who is the owner of Nish Hair?

Parul Gulati is an Indian actress who has appeared in several Punjabi films. She is also a businesswoman and is the CEO and founder of her hair extensions brand ‘Nish Hair’.

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