Home Business Koparo Clean: A Success Story on Shark Tank India 3
Koparo Clean: A Success Story on Shark Tank India 3

Koparo Clean: A Success Story on Shark Tank India 3

by Team Businesspedia

Koparo Clean, a company specializing in natural home and hygiene products, impressed everyone with their powerful pitch on Shark Tank India 3. Founder Simran Khara captivated the Sharks with her passion, detailing the company’s products and ambitious goals. Impressed by the quality and vision, the Sharks offered a ₹1 crore investment.

About Koparo Clean

Koparo Clean manufactures plant-based, natural home and hygiene products. Their range includes floor cleaners, dishwashing liquid, handwashes, and toilet cleaners. These products are not only effective but also eco-friendly and gentle on the skin.

How Koparo Clean Started

Early Inspiration

Simran credits the COVID-19 pandemic as a turning point, pushing her to spend more time with her family at home. During this period, she focused on creating a safe and clean environment for her young child, leading her to explore natural cleaning alternatives. This personal need likely sparked the initial idea for Koparo Clean.

Product Development and Mission

Unable to find effective and safe cleaning products that aligned with her values, Simran embarked on creating her own. Combining natural ingredients with powerful cleaning capabilities, Koparo Clean was born. Driven by the desire to provide families with healthy and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, Simran built the brand around sustainability and prioritizing both people and the planet.

Early Steps and Growth

Koparo Clean’s journey likely began with small-scale production, catering to family and friends. As word spread and demand grew, Simran scaled up operations and expanded her product line. Social media engagement and online sales likely played a role in the early growth.

Koparo Clean on Shark Tank India 3

Simran Khara sought a ₹1 crore investment from the Sharks, aiming to establish Koparo Clean as a leader in India’s natural home and hygiene products market. The Sharks were swayed by the quality of the products and Khara’s drive, offering her a ₹1 crore deal: ₹50 lakh equity and ₹50 lakh debt.

Koparo Clean’s Future

Koparo Clean has its sights set on becoming the leading player in India’s natural home and hygiene market. The company plans to expand its product range and increase its reach across the country.

Inspiration from Koparo Clean

Koparo Clean serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs chasing their dreams. Simran Khara’s hard work and dedication have transformed Koparo Clean into a thriving company. Her story reminds us that unwavering focus on our goals leads to inevitable success.

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