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Vedant Lamba, Founder, The Mainstreet Marketplace

Vedant Lamba, Founder, The Mainstreet Marketplace

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Story of Giving leg-up to a sneaker reselling biz: Vedant Lamba, Founder, The Mainstreet Marketplace.

At just 22 years of age, Vedant Lamba made it to the ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ list of 2022. The young businessman is at the forefront of the thriving sneaker culture in India. His venture The Mainstreet Marketplace is one of India’s biggest sneaker reselling platforms that he started in 2017. Initially, he put out videos on his YouTube channel ‘Mainstreet TV’ to share information on the newest sneaker launches. His success led to his first store opening in Pune and eventually in Mumbai and Delhi. He boasts celebrity clientele and his Delhi store is known to be the among largest resale stores in Asia that trades in brands like Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, Adidas, Nike, and so on.

Vedant Lamba, Founder, The Mainstreet Marketplace

For many, childhood ambitions pave the way. Mumbai-based Lamba, founder of The Mainstreet Marketplace, wanted to start his business since he was about 12 years old. About ten years later, his dream has come true and how. He says he had no back up plan. Every successful entrepreneur is a great risk taker. For him his strong risk capacity comes from his privileged background.

Like many parents who ensure their child completes their higher education before they venture into business, Lamba too wanted the same. But seeing his persistence, they came down to him at least completing his 12th grade. “I’ve been far too fortunate with my family’s support,” says Lamba. He gets hundreds of messages from people who have seen him create content and talk about his goals on his social media platforms. “The way I see it, even if one of them is brave enough to take a risk, it will leave me feeling very fulfilled,” he adds.

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Several youngsters like Lamba have the confidence, familial support, talent, ideas and the privilege to follow their own dreams—the recipe for a successful business rather than going the safe job-route.

Lamba feels that one should make more of an effort to find their own flow rather than doing something conventional or not. He also feels that though the current Indian governmental support needs improvement to nurture start-ups, the underdeveloped nature of the market provides several opportunities for business to flourish.

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