AKS Clothing – ‘The Modern Ethnic’ Fashion of India

by Anup Maurya
Nidhi yadav - AKS Clothing

AKS stands for pristine fashion, wholehearted dedication and a mind boggling range. Founded in 2014, AKS clothing since then has been the epitome for elegant, graceful and classy women’s wear. Known for its exquisite taste in design and long lasting material quality each of the AKS is fairly priced as well. AKS clothing line is made of the finest and the most trending fashion in the market.

Founded in 2014, Aks is a Delhi-based clothing and apparel brand that has become one of the leading brands of ethnic wear in the country.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Indore, Nidhi Yadav, a computer engineer with a passion for fashion, found herself dissatisfied with her corporate job at Deloitte. Encouraged by her superiors to pursue her true calling, Nidhi embarked on a path that would lead her to establish the successful fashion company known as Aks.

Story of Nidhi – Founder of AKS Clothing

Nidhi recognized the need for affordable, contemporary ethnic clothing for women aged 18 to 35. In 2014, she launched Aks Clothings with just Rs 3.5 Lakh initial investment.

Prior to Aks’ launch, Nidhi dedicated six months to thorough research, examining the success story of Zara, one of the world’s most renowned fashion brands.

Drawing inspiration from her findings, she implemented a winning strategy of releasing 20 new styles every two weeks—an approach that proved effective during those early days.

The mission behind Aks Clothings was to inject life into the ethnic fashion market by introducing captivating fusion themes while prioritizing the comfort that modern women seek in their everyday wear.

Today, Aks offers to its customers a wide product range that includes kurtas, co-ords, kurtis, lehengas, kurta sets, sarees, and tops. All of them are exclusively designed and bring a touch of Jaipur art with them.

Additionally, Aks Clothing has implemented several technological advancements in its production processes, incorporating CAD for pattern making and utilizing 3D for sampling. By integrating CAD into their factory operations, they have successfully reduced wastage.

According to an interview given to Indian Retailer in 2021, Nidhi said that Aks had achieved a revenue figure of Rs 200 crore without any external funding. To YourStory, the founder revealed that her brand had grown more than 25% during the pandemic.

In the near future, Aks Clothings plans to reach a revenue number of Rs 500 crore.

Website – www.aksclothings.com

The Journey of Technocrat to a successful Fashionpreneur | Ms Nidhi Yadav | TEDxMIETJammu

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