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Appreciation Letter format to Customer

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A letter of appreciation to a customer is a good method to also update the customer of some discounts and sales that might be on in the store. Customize the content according to the information you want to convey.

Appreciation Letter format to Customer


Your name…

Your Store/Office/Showroom name…


Date – DD/MM/YY


Customer/Client name…

Home/Office Address…

Subject: Letter of appreciation

Dear (Customer Name),

We at (Institute/Organization/Store name) are writing you this letter to express our appreciation and thanks for your sustained endorsement and support of our brand and its product over the past few years. (Describe in your own words). We also congratulate you on becoming one of our few Prime/Platinum/Gold Card Customers now!

As a Prime/Platinum/Gold Card Customer, you have the added advantage on some of our upcoming discounts and sales. (Explain all about the situation). We have particularly attached a Platinum booklet for you to comprehend the schemes better. We hope you will take full of advantage of your newly acquired Platinum membership and shop at our store even more than ever! (Cordially describe your greetings).

Here’s to hoping you remain a customer of your store forever.

Take care,


Your name…

Store/Office/Showroom name…

Contact no. and signature…

Email Format for Appreciation Letter to Customer

To: email address of the receiver

From: email address of the sender

Subject: Appreciation letter

Dear (Customer Name),

I am sending this letter to show our gratefulness towards your sustained reliance in our business. You have been our customer from the past some years, and it’s because of your persistent connection that we have been a successful company with the highest sale this year. (Describe in your own words).

We would like to thank you for your gesture, and we are giving exceptional gifts to some of our esteemed customers. Please drop in to the outlet and collect the gift before the end of this month. (Explain all about the situation).

In addition to this, we are also offering you discounts on many of our product variety. To avail this opportunity, please visit our (What is the Trade Name of Your Business) outlets. (Explain your marketing technique)

We are happy to serve you all these years and would like to continue this. (Cordially describe your greetings).

Thanking You

Yours truly,

Name and Signature…

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