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The latest Technology for Children the effects and causes

by Akash Maurya


Exposure of kids to the latest technologies has been a controversial issue in the society for at least 10 years. In comparison with the Baby Boomers or perhaps even to the X generation, today’s youth is awash in information technology. While 25 years ago, only a few families could have a console, today the majority of children have smartphones and laptops that they can use to connect to the Internet at any place that has Wi-Fi and 4G internet. While technology has provided many opportunities to learn new abilities, connecting with people across distances, and encouraging the accessibility of information, its negative effect on the physical and social development of the younger generation is among the most worrying.

Positive effects of technology exposure on children

The 21st century is currently the most information-driven human history to. Computer technology is employed in nearly every field of practice and work (Hsin and others. 84). In this respect children aren’t more experienced with the technology that adults. Familiarity with various operational and information-gathering systems are guarantees of future employment. Additionally, access to information the Internet gives children the ability to discover on their own, thus reducing the influence of the state as well as other stakeholders in shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation, giving them more independence (Hsin and others. 86).

Internet technology reduced the gap in education well, since even the most disadvantaged students can gain access to the vast majority of the knowledge that has been accumulated by humanity. Absolutely, technology influences our children positively and make them more open, compassionate and educated. They are also ready to face the demands of life.

Negative effects of technology exposure for children

While there are many positive outcomes of exposure to technology but there are also numerous negatives. Computers as well as the Internet offer a new social platform that gives possibility of conversation and entertainment that does not require physical exertion of socializing or going out directly. This leads to social ineptitude among children as they lose their ability to engage in regular social interaction. Furthermore, using a computer for longer than an hour every day causes many health issues including poor eyesight and overweight (Siddiqui as well as Singh 72). This is in addition to the difficulties that children’s social development are facing.

Another problem is the discord that is caused between children and parents. Technology is an effective method of keeping children docile and engaged and engaged, many parents are unable to commit to taking care of their children properly (Siddiqui as well as Singh 72). The result is that families are disengaged and the absence of communication between children and parents leads to a number of social and developmental issues. Parents aren’t seen as role models or sources of information that effectively reduces their authority and causes the possibility of disobedience from family members.

Finally, because of the lack of control over the content available on the Internet as a result, children are exposed to a variety of information. While some of this information is true and accurate however, it could be harmful because it is incorrect, twisted or even extremist in kind (Siddiqui as well as Singh 774). With no knowledge of the real world, and with lacking a solid information base, kids are at danger of being influenced by evil forces. Furthermore, the vast majority of information available on the Internet is useless and is a wasted time.


Technology exposure, as with every other aspect of our lives can be a double-edged sword. It can bring good, as well as bad. The difference, as with medication, is in the dose. The government lacks a viable way of regulating access to technology or the internet, without violating fundamental rights of human beings. Thus, the responsibility in raising children in a responsible manner falls on the parents. Families must be taught about how to use technology in a safe manner as well as the dangers that lurk in the internet pages. Yet, our society is moving toward a more sedentary lifestyle which is bound to create new political, social, and health issues.

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