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The 10 Best Company Slogans of All Time

The 10+ Best Company Slogans of All Time

by Team Businesspedia

In this article, you’ll learn about The 10+ Best Company Slogans of All Time, how these tagline created a great impact on their business.

A tagline is your opportunity to stand out from competitors. The last thing you want is a tagline that is eerily similar to one already in use.

1. Apple – Think Different

Steve Jobs mentioned “Think Different” in his presentation at an expo called Macworld. His words had a huge impact on the audience, causing Apple to become one of the bestselling brands of all time.

2. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW is about luxury and performance. They have one of the top luxury car brands around and a great tagline to emphasize it. Their tagline is “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” 

It creates the sense that a BMW is a force to be reckoned with. 

3. Nike – Just Do It

Colin Kaepernick, the football star behind the “take a knee” controversy, became the face of Nike’s campaign in 2018. This elevated the slogan from just a selling point for the brand to a bona fide political statement.

4. McDonald’s – I’m Lovin’ It

The “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign was launched way back in 2003 and still stands strong today. This is a great example of a tagline that resonates with the brand’s target audience. McDonald’s food might not be your healthiest choice, but being healthy isn’t the benefit McDonald’s is promising — it’s that you’ll love the taste and the convenience.

5. Coca-Cola – Taste the Feeling

The Coca-Cola “Taste the Feeling” tagline was created around a campaign to address the decline in sales due to the health concerns of the sugary drink. 

The tagline’s purpose is to provide people with the idea that the simple pleasure of drinking a Coke makes a moment special. 

6. L’Oreal – Because You’re Worth It

In 2012, L’Oreal Paris USA released a mini documentary about the history of their slogan. The company’s CEO, the original spokesmodel, and even Beyoncé Knowles talk about the empowerment behind the campaign.

7.Flipkart – “Har wish hogi poori”

This is the second big change in its communication exercise after 2015 when the company unveiled the tagline “Har wish hogi poori” (every wish will get fulfilled) which has now been changed to a more inclusive “Naye India ke saath” (With new India) which helps flipkart to connect with peoples and increase in sales.

8. Tata Motors -“Connecting Aspiration

As part of the company’s transformation journey undertaken in 2016, Tata Motors commenced a comprehensive project to articulate its corporate branding. Basis a thorough analysis of the existing and the desired future state of the Company, Tata Motors has defined its new brand identity as ‘Connecting Aspirations’ across 46 markets, internationally.

9. Ford- “Go Further”

Ford is one of my personal favorites because it is two words and is the epitome of simplicity. It is just “Go Further.”

They don’t know where their drivers are going or why, but they let you know that you can go further in a Ford. 

10. Maybelline -“Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline”

Launched in 1991, is one of the most recognizable in the beauty industry. This slogan from Maybelline uses a clever play on words to suggest that their makeup can enhance natural beauty.

11. Zomato – “Every Meal Matters”

The customer support team has been very proactive about every single order that goes through Zomato, and our users are loving us even more than before.

Zomato’s marketing strategy is the stuff of dreams – from a small food review website, specific only to foodies, they’ve become a multinational giant serving over 65 million people every month. Zomato is not only in the business of food but in the business of entertainment as well.

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