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Story of Delhivery -‘Small world’

by Team Businesspedia

Delhivery is an Indian logistics and supply chain services company founded in 2011 by Sahil Barua, Mohit Tandon, Bhavesh Manglani, Suraj Saharan, and Kapil Bharati. The company started with a mission to simplify e-commerce logistics and provide reliable and efficient supply chain services to businesses of all sizes.

The idea for Delhivery originated when the founders noticed the difficulties faced by e-commerce companies in India in managing their logistics and supply chain operations. They realized that there was a gap in the market for a technology-enabled logistics company that could provide end-to-end solutions for e-commerce companies, from warehousing and order management to last-mile delivery.

To get started, the founders pooled their savings and raised funding from friends and family. They then set up a small warehouse in Delhi and began building their technology platform. The early days were tough, with the founders juggling multiple roles and working long hours to get the business off the ground.

However, their hard work paid off, and Delhivery soon began to attract the attention of investors. In 2013, the company raised its first funding round of $5 million from Nexus Venture Partners. This was followed by several more funding rounds, with investors including Carlyle Group, Tiger Global, and Fosun International.

As the company grew, it expanded its operations across India and invested in building a robust technology platform that could handle the complex logistics and supply chain operations required for e-commerce companies. Delhivery now offers a wide range of services, including warehousing, order management, fulfillment, and last-mile delivery.

Today, Delhivery is one of the largest logistics and supply chain services companies in India, with a network of more than 2,500 cities and towns across the country. The company has also expanded into international markets, with operations in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Delhivery has continued to grow rapidly, driven by the surge in e-commerce sales in India. The company is now valued at over $3 billion and is considered one of the most successful startups in India’s e-commerce ecosystem.

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