Difference Between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

by Team Businesspedia
what is communication

Verbal communication consists of getting your message across using sounds, words, and languages, while nonverbal communication involves unsaid things like eye movement, body language, and tone.

MeaningThe communication in which the sender uses words to transmit the message to the receiver is known as verbal communication.The communication that takes place between sender and receiver with the use of signs is known as non-verbal communication.
TypesFormal and InformalChronemics, Vocalics, Haptics, Kinesics, Proxemics, Artifacts.
Time ConsumingNoYes
Chances of transmission of wrong messageRarely happens.Happens most of the time.
Documentary EvidenceYes, in case of written communication.No
AdvantageThe Message can be clearly understood and immediate feedback is possible.Helpful in understanding emotions, status, lifestyle and feelings of the sender.
PresenceThe message can be transmitted through letters, phone calls, etc. so the personal presence of the parties, doesn’t make any change.The personal presence of both the parties to communication is a must.

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