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Story of CarDekho - "Search New, Buy Used"

Story of CarDekho – “Search New, Buy Used”

by Team Businesspedia

CarDekho is an Indian automotive website that was founded in 2008 by siblings Amit Jain and Anurag Jain in Jaipur, India. The idea for CarDekho came about when Amit, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, was unable to find information on used cars online in India. He recognized a need for a website that would provide comprehensive information about cars, including pricing, reviews, and comparisons.

The brothers started the company with a team of just five people and initially focused on creating a database of cars available in India. They visited car dealerships, collected data on cars, and manually entered it into their system. They also created content for the website, including reviews, news, and articles related to the automobile industry.

In the early days, CarDekho struggled to gain traction as there were already established players in the Indian automotive market. To differentiate themselves, the founders focused on creating a user-friendly website and providing reliable information to car buyers. They also introduced new features such as a used car valuation tool and a mobile app, which helped them to gain a larger audience.

Over the years, CarDekho has grown significantly and has expanded into other areas of the automotive industry. They launched a finance comparison tool, an insurance comparison platform, and a platform for buying and selling used cars called Gaadi.com. The company has also raised significant funding, including a $110 million investment in 2019 led by Sequoia Capital India and Hillhouse Capital.

Today, CarDekho is one of the leading automotive websites in India, with over 41 million monthly visits and a database of over 30,000 cars. The company has also expanded into other countries, including Indonesia and the Philippines. The founders have credited their success to their focus on providing value to car buyers and creating a trusted brand in the industry.

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