Professor-Student Communication using Technology

by Anup Maurya


First of all we should note that the latest technologies are now an integral element of modern-day life. Innovations have impacted all areas of our lives (education isn’t an instance) and made life more simple. Nobody dares claim that the advancement of technology has created conditions that make the lives of humans more complicated. However, there are instances where innovations can harm people. But, this isn’t something that is discussed in this article. The essay aims to address the issue of the communication between students and professors and the importance of new technology in making the communication process easier.


When they study at universities, many students have to deal with the need to search for information. The entire education system in a variety of countries is built on the latest technologies. Blackboard is a specific software that allows professors and students to communicate. It is an application that gives teachers the opportunity to offer ready-to-use templates to students so that they can be granted access to the data. In colleges, students receive logins with personal passwords that allow them to access the website and have access to the data they require to study in a specific course and taking classes in specific subjects (About Bb 2013).

The software helps make communication between teachers and the students much easier since students already know about teacher’s expectations and during lessons , the teacher shouldn’t spend time explaining any additional details. It’s been demonstrated that, even though face-to contact is more beneficial for the majority of students, online communication is thought to be the most convenient because it allows you to reach a teacher without ever leaving the house (Parsloe, Benton, Davis and Strang-Wolf, 2010,).


Registering on the university’s online databases is straightforward because most students are provided with an account and password at the time of their enrollment in their institution. In other cases, they must sign up on their own after presenting the details that are familiar only to them. It is crucial to sign up to the database at the right time since in the very beginning stages of studying the information available on the database could be extremely useful.

Registration can take place in any time. Students are not required to attend the school as the Internet facilitates registration. Each step is typically planned and students have to be aware of the instructions and follow the process as per the instructions. The process of registering online typically involves two steps. The first one is personal introduction , followed by the selection of a the username and password. The second step is personalization, where the system determines who is able to have an account with a specific system. After the two steps have been completed students receive an email with the confirmation of access. Then, he/she is able to access a website.


As was stated, innovative technology makes access to information more convenient and more efficient. Students don’t have to attend college or university to glance at the templates they will need. In addition, when they encounter problems, students should always turn to other students in the same class or to a teacher via directly. Innovative technologies help students access the information faster and also improve knowledge quality. learning. It should be noted that the use of information systems at a universities may differ based on the particulars of the internal policies, but most of the time, the function of information systems and their operation is identical.

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