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Loveena Sirohi, Co-founder & director, India Hemp Organics

Loveena Sirohi, Co-founder & director, India Hemp Organics

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Story of Bringing holistic wellness without the side effects : Loveena Sirohi, Co-founder & director, India Hemp Organics

Loveena Sirohi’s India Hemp Organics was born when she was just 20 years old. It came out of a horrific accident that left her bed ridden in 2017. She was prescribed opioid medication to help combat her pain, but that resulted in a series of mental and physical side effects. Witnessing her condition, her husband and now co-founder took it upon himself to research alternative solutions that could help rid her of pain, but minus all the side effects.

“We reviewed case studies on how cannabis is being used in overseas markets to help tens of thousands of patients combat a host of mental and physical health conditions. Convinced, I got to trying different cannabis oils for my condition and went through the benefits first-hand. Working closely with medical practitioners, we formulated a range of oils to battle chronic and recurring ailments that most of India suffers from today, such as pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, arthritis (and more),” says the Bengaluru-based entrepreneur.

Some of India Hemp Organics’ popular products include CannaBliss Skincare Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, CannaBliss Arthritis Relief Oil and CannaBliss Stress Buster Oil, among others.

For young entrepreneurs, Sirohi (22) says that in the last few years, they have seen a rise of startups now turning into large, successful businesses. “There is great support and mentorship available to entrepreneurial minds, young or old. It is important to make use of your early years to build on crucial skill sets that will take you a long way,” she adds.

Sirohi feels that the startup culture encourages an ownership mindset, which she says is lacking in MNCs. In the current ecosystem, startups also pay as well as MNCs, if not better.

As for the current policies, Sirohi says that they are conducive to start-up and India is looking to boost the ecosystem. However, she suggests that the tax on startups must be reduced so that there can be a higher number of businesses and more funding in the space from within India.

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